Business Insurance: Why Is It Important to Review It This Christmas?

Christmas is on the way, and for many businesses that means a lot more stress and packed schedules. With a lot more footfall during the festive season, you must stay protected against all kinds of accidents. When evaluating it from an insurance perspective, consider the listed below reasons to get your business insurance reviewed.

Increased Footfall

The holiday season comes with hordes of shoppers. It is therefore obvious that your incidence of business risk will rise and the probability of an accident taking place increases. Thus, you should avail of the right business insurance coverage to mitigate the risks. Remember, customers and guests, are not the only ones who run the risk of injury claims. This also holds for workers experiencing increased workloads and financial strains.

Increase in Stock

You probably have higher stock levels if you work in retail or manufacturing during the holiday season. Verify the amount of stock you carry and determine whether your current policy will cover the expense. In keeping with this, ensure the additional items you deliver have sufficient business insurance protection.

More Staff

The Holiday season calls for more work and you might want to hire more people. Your worker’s compensation insurance will need to be updated if you have recently added staff. Liability coverage may also be appropriate to protect your company from any lawsuits filed against you, such as those alleging unfair dismissal or workplace bullying.

Higher Incidence of Theft

Burglaries are more prevalent around Christmas. Large crowds lead to an increase in shoplifters, and stolen goods could put a significant financial strain on the company. Theft is likely even if your business is closed for the season. Additionally, it is advised to take precautions against fraud, especially if you plan to have extra cash on hand. Improved safety benefits your business and your wallet, as many insurers will offer you large discounts if you go five years without receiving a claim.

Unpredictable Weather

Typically, the holiday season brings chilly, rainy, and frequently snowy weather. Avoid public liability claims for slips on your property if you own a business. To lower the chance of injury to your consumers, purchase business insurance policy and take precautions like keeping the premises dry and clean.

Choosing the appropriate business insurance for your company can be challenging, particularly when reading your policy and figuring out what is and isn’t covered. Spend some time looking around and carefully comparing insurance quotes.
Don’t forget that the most affordable option isn’t usually the best. Make sure you have the appropriate level of coverage for your needs.

Protect Your Business with Right Business Insurance Plan!

To ensure your business is protected over the holiday season, take the time to review your existing business insurance coverage and update it as needed. Contact us at Pittman Insurance to learn more!

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