Inland Marine Coverage


Complete Break down of the Cost of Inland Marine Insurance for Contractors

Businesses that rely on the transportation of goods by land use inland marine insurance to protect against damage or loss to products during the shipping process. If shipping is by watercraft, the right type of insurance to get is marine insurance. Here’s a look at what factors affect inland marine insurance costs. When Should You Consider Inland Marine Insurance The

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Is Inland Marine Insurance the Same as Cargo Insurance?

Ocean marine insurance dates back to the early nineteenth century, making it the oldest form of insurance still used in America. The purpose from the beginning was to protect cargo being shipped overseas. Once goods crossed the water, it was necessary to carry additional coverage for inland transport. Here’s a look at the importance of inland marine insurance in NC.

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All You Need to Know About Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance covers different products, materials, and equipment that are transported across the land. The policy covers cargo theft or damage while it is in the warehouse as well as a collision during the transportation process. The cargo is normally shipped on a train or vehicle. You can also add inland marine insurance to your personal home insurance policy.

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