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How Deductibles Affect Commercial General Liability Insurance

Deductibles are the part of insurance that people often forget about until they file a claim. Some people confuse a “low deductible” with a lower monthly premium, which is not the case. Here are important points to know about deductibles and how they affect general liability insurance in North Carolina: What Is a Deductible? The deductible is the amount you

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How Deductibles Work in Relation to General Liability Insurance

Deductibles are the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket every time you file a claim. Once your deductible is met, your insurance coverage takes over. Deductibles are viewed as a way for insurers to share risks with their customers. Deductibles can help keep your insurance costs affordable while reducing the number of small claims that insurance

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General Liability Vs. Errors and Omissions Insurance: What You Need to Know

Liability protection is a crucial component of any business’s success strategy. If a client accuses you of causing them financial loss due to poor quality work, you’ll need liability protection. If a guest is injured in a trip, slip, and fall accident on your premises, you may be held liable, too. Having general liability and errors and omissions insurance keeps

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General Liability Insurance for Subcontractors in North Carolina

Understanding the need for general liability insurance for subcontractors in North Carolina is essential if you are going to work in the state as a 1099 independent subcontractor. Be aware of its limitations and that you should review your policy with an insurance expert who can help you find the most appropriate plan for your needs. Here are some key

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Reasons Why Your Business Needs General Liability Insurance in NC

Similar to virtually every other business, your business operations may, at some point, cause injuries and property damage to third parties, including, among others, clients, suppliers, landlords, and pedestrians. In 2015 alone, about 35,200 people, most of whom were pedestrians and bicyclists, lost their lives in car crashes involving fleet vehicles, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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5 Insurance Policies That Can Protect Your Construction Business

Having insurance helps you secure your business while protecting everyone on your job site. Choosing the right policy for your construction business can be difficult if you are doing it for the first time. However, selecting the right coverage from the right insurance company is a crucial task and must not be taken lightly. It is important to understand the

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Tips to Prevent Struck-by-Object Claims [and Hazards]

No matter how vigilant you are at ensuring safety at your workplace, mishaps and injuries can still happen. These injuries can not only put your workforce at risk but can also give increase “struck-by-object” liability claims. Such claims can upset your budget and your business insurance policies, so it’s best to avoid them. If you are looking for ways to

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