How to Make the Most of Remote Construction Site Monitoring

Remote construction site monitoring has completely changed the way a contractor or project manager works. Using this technology during a global pandemic can be beneficial to both workers and managers.

Here are a few ways to make the most of new technology to monitor the construction site remotely:

Active Internet Connection

The first thing you will need for the best monitoring experience is an active internet connection. You can use a fixed broadband system, a mobile hotspot, or a satellite connection. Your internet connection should have enough bandwidth for smooth remote monitoring.

Surveillance Cameras

There has been a significant development in modern surveillance cameras. You can use these cameras for multiple functions like live streaming and shooting time-lapse videos. You can watch this footage even on your smartphone if you have the right software.

GPS System

Another vital component of an efficient remote construction monitoring system is a GPS system. It allows you to track the usage of heavy machinery on the job site.

Apart from tracking physical locations, you can check the amount of time the machinery is using to complete tasks. It can also provide real-time alerts and help you keep the machines from being stolen.

Digital Tools

If you want to leverage remote construction site monitoring, using modern digital tools and software is a must. You can choose from a wide variety of digital tools available as per your needs.


Drones can monitor areas with high risks. It allows you to capture rooftops, high-rise buildings, and even UAV mapping, which helps project managers to create a 2D or 3D map of the construction site. Including drones in your monitoring system can help you make smarter decisions.

3D Walkthroughs

Adding a 3D walkthrough will allow you to “walk” the job site anytime from anywhere. These systems offer crystal clear visibility to the critical areas of the construction site.

These are some ways to leverage remote construction site monitoring. Along with this, proper insurance is also crucial for your business. Contact the experts at Pittman Insurance Group for all your insurance needs. Our dedicated team is eager to assist with all your coverage questions and needs.

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