How Your Driving Record Impacts Your Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

Insurance companies weigh several different factors in determining your auto insurance premium. They will look at your driving history to decide whether or not you are a high-risk driver, which can impact your auto insurance rates. In addition to your driving record, your insurer will also weigh your location, the type of vehicle you have, and your credit score to determine your auto insurance rate.

How Important Is Your Driving Record?

If you believe that your driving record will have a negative impact on your rates, you should look for ways to avoid having the insurance company check your driving record. While you are looking for commercial auto insurance in North Carolina, the insurer will still check your driving record. However, the good news is that one accident is not significant enough to label you a high-risk driver. When insurance companies assess your driving record, they look for any accidents, convictions, and parking tickets.

How Do Insurers Obtain a Copy of Your Driving Record?

Normally, insurance companies order a copy directly from the state. They can also request a report through different companies that have access to auto insurance claims.

How Does Your Driving Record Impact Your Rates?

If you don’t have many accidents and tickets on your driving record, you are seen as a safe driver and will receive the cheapest auto insurance rate. You will remain eligible for the most affordable auto insurance rates until you cause an accident or obtain multiple parking tickets. Assess your auto insurance quotes every couple of years if you have been diagnosed as a bad driver to see if the designation has been removed. If you have a clean driving record, you may qualify for discounts. Even if you don’t have a completely clean driving record, you can still speak with your agent about reducing your premium. A few ways to get discounts include installing enhanced safety features, having multiple cars, multiple policies, and maintaining a good academic record. Due to the competitive marketplace, some insurers are willing to overlook potential risks regarding your driving history.

How Far Back Do Insurance Companies Assess Driving Records?

Every state has its own specific timeline for checking driving records. It is generally accepted that insurers will look back at the previous three years to see if there are any infractions on your driving record. However, insurers may use a timeline of five to seven years if you have been convicted of a major violation. If you have several violations, you may only be eligible for nonstandard auto insurance.

How Can You Assess Your Driving Record?

You can head to the local Department of Motor Vehicle to request a copy of your driving record. You should request a copy of your driving record every two years so that you’ll be aware of any changes. If there is any misinformation on your driving record, you should request corrections as soon as possible.

How Do Auto Insurance Handle Requests?

Typically, auto insurance companies request information through the state’s motor vehicle agency. However, insurance companies are now using consumer reporting agencies to handle requests, which is seen as more affordable and efficient to insurers.

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