Simple and Easy Ways to Prevent Burglary and Theft at Your Business

Following a break-in, it’s common to need to replace stolen goods, make repairs to damaged property, and temporarily close the business for an investigation and repairs. In other words, burglaries can negatively impact your company. And the likelihood that your company may become a target is strong enough to pay attention to. You must secure the structure and prevent robbers from entering if you want to protect your commercial property.

Here are some ways you can prevent theft at your business:

  1. Make the Area Secure

    Keep priceless items in a secure location. Use a solid password to restrict computer access to safeguard your clients’ private data. Keep a backup of your electronic data at home and save it.

  2. Secure All Entrances and Doors

    Make sure the locks you install are of excellent quality, and check the condition of the locks frequently. When leaving your business location, make sure to lock all of the doors and windows.

  3. Set the Alarm Systems to “On”

    Verify the functionality of your protection systems and confirm that you have a backup power source in case of a power outage. A video surveillance system can assist you in obtaining evidence in case of a break-in and lower the chance of burglary at your business location.

  4. Maintain Clear Windows

    Burglars are drawn to windows that are simple to get to. Avoid leaving equipment near your windows, either inside or outside, to minimize risks and ensure the best protection. Remove any colored film from the glass to stop criminals from operating behind these.

  5. Make Sure There Are Proper Lights in the Building

    Install motion-activated or programmable lights. Light the nearby street or alley as well as all outside building entrances. Keep accent lights on the inside for better visibility at night.

  6. Install Systems to Prevent Theft

    Install bars, unique glass, transparent security film, or other materials on windows and glass doors. By doing this, the likelihood of break-ins will be decreased while enhancing security at each entrance.

  7. Frequently Visit Your Place of Business or Employment

    Make sure you can stop by your place of business daily. Visit your workplace at various times of the day so that robbers can’t guess when you’ll be there.

  8. Keep Track of Your Access Cards and Keys

    Keep a record of who has your keys and access cards, when they were distributed, and when they were returned to monitor their use. Change the locks as soon as possible if any keys are stolen or lost.

  9. Use Social Media with Caution

    Posting that your office or place of business will be closed suggests that the space will be empty for a considerable time. Publish content that indicates someone frequents the building, such as pictures of you there, to deter break-ins.

You can keep your company insurance policy active and your file current by informing your property and casualty insurance agent of any changes. In case of a break-in, submitting a claim and keeping your business operating will be easy.

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