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Business Insurance: Why Is It Important to Review It This Christmas?

Christmas is on the way, and for many businesses that means a lot more stress and packed schedules. With a lot more footfall during the festive season, you must stay protected against all kinds of accidents. When evaluating it from an insurance perspective, consider the listed below reasons to get your business insurance reviewed. Increased Footfall The holiday season comes

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General Liability Insurance for an LLC – What You Need to Know

General liability insurance is a commercial policy that provides coverage against liability claims resulting from: Bodily injury Property damage Personal liabilities like defamation, wrongful detention, and copyright infringement Advertising liabilities If a customer is injured on your premises, the policy can pay for their medical costs. It can also cover compensation for property damages, legal settlements, and defense fees. Cost

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Is It Time For You to Re-evaluate Your Business Insurance?

Without comprehensive business insurance coverage, you may be facing a significant risk of irreversible loss if you incur property damage, theft of assets, liability lawsuits, and more. Even if you had sufficient protection a couple of years ago, a lot might have changed since then. Therefore, you may need to take a fresh look at your business insurance plan to

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