Variables to Consider When Choosing an Independent Insurance Agency

Insurance helps you protect your assets and navigate life’s unpredictable nature. Like most people, you probably shop around in order to find the policies that align with your financial situation.

Finding the right insurance coverage in today’s marketplace can be complicated. You have to research the market carefully to find a policy that aligns with your budget. Independent insurance agencies are a viable option. They offer policies through multiple carriers, allowing you to find a flexible solution tailored to your unique needs.

Quality Prices

Independent agents are able to compare quotes from multiple carriers, which can help you obtain better rates without sacrificing coverage. Your agent will connect you with the best carriers for your situation. You can find a different carrier for your home, auto, and commercial insurance. Independent agents take the time to assess your situation and find the perfect option for you. Thorough research is beneficial if you are planning to bundle different types of coverage through one carrier.

Flexible Options

Independent agents work in your best interest. They are not obligated to convince you to choose a specific carrier. They can help you assess your options from multiple carriers. The agent will assess important variables such as the type of coverage you’re looking for and your budget. This enables you to choose a policy that is a perfect fit. While choosing a rate from a specific carrier may seem like a cheaper alternative, you have to consider the long-term costs, as well as your liability limits. Without shopping around, it’s hard to tell if you’ve really found a great deal or you are settling when there are better options out there.

Making the Most of Your Time

Shopping for the right insurance policy can be tedious and complicated. You may have to make several long phone calls or fill out multiple applications. Working with an independent agent means that you don’t have to deal with the stress and burden of finding coverage on your own. Your agent will supply you with all of the important information. Independent agents will look over the complex terms in insurance writing so that you will be aware of what the policy entails. Working with an independent agent can alleviate some of the stress and protect you from being blindsided in the future if you need to file a claim.


Independent agents rely on trust and integrity. They want to help you have peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected in any situation. Your agent should seek to develop a personal connection with you, which may improve communication. Once your agent has a clear idea of your goals, they can advise you about the policies that will mitigate possible risks. You should be able to communicate with them both in person and over the phone. Your independent agent should handle any issues regarding claims.

Local Outreach

As a North Carolina resident, working with a local independent insurance agency has special benefits. Local agents are familiar with the community. They are aware of your needs while staying in the area. Local independent agents have a clear grasp of the surrounding market. General agents from large carriers may not understand some of the unique issues that you have to deal with in the area. Having local insight gives independent agents an advantage because they can predict the types of coverage you will need in the future, based on the local environment.

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Purchasing insurance is a significant financial investment. Independent agents can help you plan for the future by recommending new coverage as your needs change. If you have any questions about your personal or commercial insurance, contact the experts here at Pittman Insurance Group, LLC.

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