Why Should You Use Fit for Duty Exams to Expedite Workers’ Comp?

Fit for Duty exams can be used to expedite workers’ compensation claim resolution, leading to significant savings for employers. A Fit for Duty exam is the testing of an employee to make sure that they are capable of performing the essential functions related to their job.

When Is a Fit for Duty Exam Conducted?

As an employer, you can ask injured employees to undergo a Fit for Duty examination if you reasonably believe that the employee’s condition may:

  • Prevent them from doing the essential functions of their job.
  • Be a danger to the safety of other employees or their own safety.

Under the American Disabilities Act, employers can conduct Fit for Duty Testing in the following scenarios:

  • Voluntary testing by employees in a company-sponsored event.
  • Scheduled check-ups, as part of the company policy, to determine the fitness level of employees at regular intervals.
  • On-requirement basis. For example, if an employee complains of difficulty in performing essential job functions.
  • When an injured or disabled employee wishes to return to work.

Why Is a Fit for Duty Exam Necessary?

The results can help establish the extent of the injury, if there is an over-exaggeration, and also if the employee is fit to return to work. It minimizes the chances of further damage and creates a safer workplace with reduced employee health costs.

Especially in highly regulated industries, it is ideal to use Fit for Duty testing before onboarding new employees to ascertain if they have any existing issues that may increase the risk of injury or reduce their capacity to perform essential job functions.

This data can also be used for comparison with post-injury data, if and when required, to determine the specific damage caused by the said injury, potentially saving thousands of dollars in compensation and also moving along the claims faster.

Fit for Duty testing must be used by employers to determine whether an injured employee returning to the worksite can safely perform their job. It may also be used at a pre-hiring stage to assess functional performance at the outset to maximize workers’ health and safety and reduce workers’ comp claims.

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